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Paula Baillie

Nordic Village - Three Houses and a Mountain

Nordic Village - Three Houses and a Mountain

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These miniature houses designed to reflect the clean lines of the Scandinavian aesthetic are almost meticulously made by this Canadian designer. Each cedar piece is hand-cut, hand-sanded and handpainted with multiply coats of high-grade paint. 

House sizes range from 3" to 6" tall.

This listing is for the three white houses and a white-capped cedar mountain. Available as an add-on item to an online order

Designer/Maker: Paula Baillie, currently living in Kingston, Ontario, is obsessed with wood and a modern Scandinavian aesthetic. A minimal sense of style, on a perfectly imperfect wood surface, highlights the Scandi-Canadian design of near north interiors. A practicing interior designer for 15 years, Paula crafts little Nordic villages made with Canadian cedar, each piece cut, and hand painted. No two villages or buildings are alike and a relaxed approach toward randomly placed windows and doors is in keeping with a clean, simple, and modern vibe.

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