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Melanie Stevenson

One More Tomorrow by Melanie Stevenson

One More Tomorrow by Melanie Stevenson

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One woman finds herself bound to a past she cannot forget.
Another, driven by past choices she can neither change nor accept.
It’s been over a year. That should be enough time to forget a first love. But aspiring artist Katie Banks is still waiting. Not even Justin Burke, her university classmate, has been able to erase the hurt Aiden Ford inflicted, or weaken Katie’s resolve to never date a man who doesn’t share her faith. When Katie accepts a scholarship to study in Paris, it places much-needed distance between her and Justin. But love still eludes her, until a stormy night and a tragic accident change everything. The possibility that she and Aiden might be able to find their forever love this time both excites and terrifies Katie. Can she forgive past hurts, or will the walls she’s built to protect herself keep love a distant dream?


Paperback, 254 pages, available at Cedar Lake Books & Gifts, 27 Ainslie St. N. Cambridge, ON, or as an add-on to a shipping order.

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