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Hanna Mark

Original Ink, Pencil and Watercolour Work - APRIL THE BUNNY

Original Ink, Pencil and Watercolour Work - APRIL THE BUNNY

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This delightful little bunny, will make a wonderful addition to almost any space, as a gift for someone special. The bunny with a tiny heart on its nose, and a wonderful scarf of bluebells and other flowers, seems to be posing for its portrait. This original piece of art is typical of this Ontario artist who creates charming colourful and patterned characters of Canadian animals - collectable and each, one-of-a-kind.

Ink, pencil and watercolour, mounted on wood block, under resin. Size 4" x 4" x 1", sits on a surface or hangs on a wall

The Artist: Hanna Mark is a watercolour and mixed media painter, who is currently enrolled in Graphic Design at York University and Sheridan College. Hanna has loved art since she was a little girl. She won the art award in elementary school, and then, after working diligently in her high school’s enriched art program, she also won the art award at the grade 12 graduation. Having grown up in Canada’s north country and on a farm, it isn’t surprising that her work reflects her daily experiences with the domestic and wild animals of Canada. Hanna melds the skills of visual art and graphic design in both her design work and in the painting she creates for exhibitions and art shows. She has been involved in multiple shows as an emerging artist and most recently has shown her paintings on studio tours and at galleries. She continues to hone her skills as she creates the whimsical and detailed cast of animal characters in her current work.

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