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R. S. Langlade

Original Oil - H.M.C.S. BRANDON

Original Oil - H.M.C.S. BRANDON

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In this original work, the artist has painstakingly painted almost every detail of this ship. HMCS Brandon was a Flower-class Corvette that served in the Royal Canadian Navy during the Second World War. She saw service primarily in the Battle of the Atlantic as an ocean escort. She was named for Brandon, Manitoba. Often paintings by this artist reflect the artist's ancestry, a style which developed naturally before the artist was even aware. In this work you see that style in the natural aspects, the sky and water, contrasted against the precise lines of the man-made ship and its equipment. The juxaposition makes this a very compelling piece. 

Size: 14" x 20" Gallery wrapped canvas, ready to hang. Due to the size and nature of this work, it is available for local delivery to Cambridge, Stratford and surrounding areas only. If at delivery, it doesn't suit, it may be sent back that same day.

The Artist: Born and raised in Cambridge, and now living in New Dundee, R.S. Langlade was always interested in art. For many years his creative expression came out in his designs for interiors and cabinetry. However, he couldn't deny his natural artistic ability and started his art practice in earnest in mid-life. Now some years later, he is enjoying producing works that range in style from fine realism to subjective impressionism and often somewhere in between. Of late, Raymond has been enjoying playing with "unexpected" colours and reckless brushstrokes, where he enjoys the flow and volume of building up his compositions with points of interest and leading lines and colours. This combining of heavy light effects with unnatural accented colours and lines is what R.S. calls, “Expressive Impressionism” and, he is happiness when he finds this woven into his work. 

Some of R.S.’s work has been commissioned for display at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum (delayed due to COVID) in Hamilton Ontario, while most pieces have been acquired or commissioned privately.

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