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Troy Stewart (TUS)

Original Oil - SILVER BLUES

Original Oil - SILVER BLUES

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Having spent most of her childhood on a sailboat, Troy's work often depicts horizons, water and/or boats. In this series of paintings, Troy has included the hint of a sailboat in the foreground of this abstracted waterscapes. The rich, vivid colours reflect the enormity of the range of blues when sky meets sea throughout time. If you have spent any time on the water, you will remember moments when you were in awe at a colour that seemed too bright, or too deep to be "real". Enjoy the gorgeous range of blues atop and below the horizon. 

Size: Framed to 10" x 13" in a solid wood 1 1/2" deep float frame made by the artist. Oil on canvas. 

The Artist: Drawing was the one constant during Troy Stewart's childhood on the seas. Troy was born in the Caribbean and raised on a sailboat, eventually staying on land long enough to graduate from the Bristol Art College in the UK. Since settling in Canada, she has earned her keep as an award-winning graphic designer for both corporate clients and non-profit organizations, all the while continuing her art practice through painting, photography and life drawing. Most recently Troy (known as TUS on her artworks) has developed a habit with oil paints, and has carried her attention to texture, abstract form and natural beauty into her new work. Cambridge, Ontario is now home for Troy, but the magnificent and ever-present horizons of her childhood inspire her still, and often appear in her work consciously and unconsciously. 

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