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Willy Van Stuyvenberg

Original Mixed Media - WALK IN THE WILD

Original Mixed Media - WALK IN THE WILD

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The artist is often inspired on her regular hiking adventures, and this large-scale piece is a result of one of her hikes. WALK IN THE WILD is a compelling piece, rich with texture, colour and atmosphere. Each time you look at it, you will see something new. If you are looking for a statement piece, this may be the one for you. 

Size: 40" x 40", Mixed media on canvas. As with all large artwork purchases at Cedar Lake Canada, on delivery if the piece does not suit, a full refund will be issued. 

The Artist: Willy Van Stuyvenberg was raised close to the sea in the north of The Netherlands on a dairy farm. Her penchant to be creative and her interest in the arts, was very much inspired by her parents. Before following her family to Canada, Willy lived and worked in Norway and in Israel. She developed a strong love for both cultures and their landscapes, especially the blue colours of Norway.

Willy has played with different mediums, such as fabric, wool, clay and paint since childhood. She took several courses in painting, and her art frequently portrayed Holstein cows and watercolour landscapes. However, she has returned to her fascination with abstract art. Being mesmerized by it in her youth, Willy finally decided to "give it a go" using a subject close to her heart, nature. Some of her work will not only invite your eye, it also will make you want to touch it. One of her favourite quotes is from Marc Chagall, who once said "Colour is all. When colour is right, form is right. Colour is everything. Colour is vibration like music."

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