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Caroline Hartmann

Porridger1 by Caroline Hartmann

Porridger1 by Caroline Hartmann

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Cosmo and his spaceship, Nova, search the galaxies for a better breakfast than the usual icky, lumpy porridge he has every morning. Tasting everything, from snowballs and ice (which are too cold and make Nova sputter away) to meteorites (which are tasteless and heavy, and prevent Nova from doing her favorite cartwheels), Cosmo almost gives up his search until they come upon a pretty blue planet and a girl named Aggie. Guess what happens to Cosmo and Nova when Aggie serves them breakfast?!
Porridger1 is a fun and memorable outer space journey about confronting the never-ending issue of kids not liking certain foods. However, one can make the perfect breakfast by being a little creative, as Cosmo and Nova soon discover when they finally meet Aggie who makes the most delicious.

Available in Paperback and Hardcover, 30 pages

Caroline Hartmann graduated from University of Guelph, Ontario, with a bachelor's degree with honours in English Literature. She was employed by the Intergalactic Food Agency to investigate anomalies for bad recipes, when suddenly she got sucked in by a black hole emerging in this timeline to recount her story of Porridger1. Currently, Caroline resides in Cambridge, Ontario, with her two fur babies, Bulldozer and Boss, who challenge her every morning for nutritious and yummy breakfast.

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