Nazeeg Haneshian

Stone Bracelet - Jade with Sterling Silver Maple Leaf Charm

Stone Bracelet - Jade with Sterling Silver Maple Leaf Charm

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Jade features prominently in ancient Asian art but is also important in many other cultures, and appreciated for its colour. Always a classic, the sterling silver heart charm adds to that universal appeal. This is a beautiful bracelet that will be a favourite for you or a lucky recipient.

The Artist/Designer: Nazeeg Haneshian, a Toronto jewellery artist, grew up in Cambridge, Ontario, and was involved in the family jewellery store from an early age. Her father is an accomplished jewellery designer and maker. For the past 13 years, Nazeeg has taken great pleasure in designing jewellery pieces to suit her clients' style and personality. These one-of-a-kind works become essentially wearable pieces of art.

For Nazeeg it is essential to focus on the details associated with each piece. For each design, stones are handpicked and decisively fashioned with the highest quality materials. Nazeeg has been showcasing her pieces in several stores and galleries throughout the region. For Cedar Lake Studios, she has created an exclusive line of bracelets with handpicked stones and sterling silver charms reflecting the Canadian experience.

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