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Patrick King Woollen Company

Tartan Baby Blanket - Lambs Wool - Sunflower Yellow

Tartan Baby Blanket - Lambs Wool - Sunflower Yellow

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Beautifully soft lambs wool baby blankets (29 1/2" x 35 1/2") made by the Patrick King Woollen Company who started creating products from Scottish wool over 20 years ago.

A fantastic gift for the new baby! Lambs wool promotes sound sleep, and has heat-regulating properties. Baby does not have to expend energy to regulate body temperature, and therefore has a more restful sleep. Great for baby, and parents!

Operating out of Port Hope, Ontario and Edinburgh, Scotland, the King family produces historical tartan pieces as well as designing exclusive tartans and wool products. Started by Patrick King, the tradition has been carried on by his son Robert, along with other family members. Robert believes that tartan is a classic design with timeless qualities, and loves sharing them. Patrick King Woollen Company is a member of the Scottish Tartan Authority and their tartans are Registered with The Scottish Tartan Registry.

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