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The Ice Chips and the Stolen Cup by Roy MacGregor and Kerry MacGregor

The Ice Chips and the Stolen Cup by Roy MacGregor and Kerry MacGregor

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The Ice Chips have time travel down to a science . . . almost. After Ekamjeet “Edge” Singh misses out on their most recent adventure, he convinces his teammates to take another leap through time. But when the team’s magic goes haywire, a hero from the past finds her way onto the Chips’ hometown rink—and leaves behind a very important trophy.

It’s up to the Ice Chips to return the famous award to its rightful home before all of hockey history changes forever. It won’t be easy, but if they can get the cup back where it belongs, they might just have the chance to win it for themselves!

The fourth title in the beloved and bestselling Ice Chips series, by acclaimed authors Roy MacGregor and Kerry MacGregor and illustrator Kim Smith, features a vibrant and diverse cast of characters and inspiring hockey greats.

Critical Praise
"Roy and Kerry MacGregor continue to write interesting and accessible hockey stories for young readers. The Ice Chips and the Stolen Cup examines many issues, including women’s hockey, time travel, friendship, courage, determination, co-operation, and sportsmanship. The black and white illustrations by Kim Smith are very well-done and add a great deal to the narrative. The diversity and determination represented by the intrepid Ice Chips will definitely engage young readers! Highly recommended." - CM Magazine

“Moments of insight and empathy don’t jar or weigh down the story, but are deftly woven into the hometown hockey narrative. . . . It’s not surprising how well-crafted the book is given the pedigree of its authors.” - Quill & Quire on The Ice Chips and the Magical Rink

"Middle-grade readers who like hockey, adventure and maybe a little time travel will enjoy this latest installment in the “Ice Chips” chapter-book series." -

Hardcover, 240 pages, ages 6 - 8

ROY MACGREGOR, the media inductee into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2012, has been described by the Washington Post as “the closest thing there is to a poet laureate of Canadian hockey.” He is the author of the internationally successful Screech Owls hockey mystery series for young readers, which has sold more than two million copies and is published in French, Chinese, Swedish, Finnish, and Czech. The most successful hockey series in history—second only to Anne of Green Gables as a book series for young readers—it was a live-action hit on YTV. MacGregor has twice won the ACTRA Award for best television screenwriting.

KERRY MACGREGOR is co-author of the latest work in the Screech Owls series. She has worked in news and current affairs at the CBC, and as a journalist with the Toronto Star, the Ottawa Citizen, and many other publications. Her columns on parenting, written with a unique, modern perspective on today’s issues and interests, have appeared in such publications as Parenting Times Magazine.


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