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Telma Rocha

Twenty-Eight Years by Telma Rocha

Twenty-Eight Years by Telma Rocha

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Jenna Taylor is living her best life: a secure job as a journalist at a prestigious magazine in downtown Toronto, a steady relationship, and a best friend she can count on. However, when her fiancé, Josh Harrison, gives her the ultimatum to start a family now or move on, she's shocked and hurt. A series of misunderstandings and health issues result in Jenna accepting a much-anticipated promotion in Quebec City-one she would have turned down for him.

Heart-broken but resigned, and excited, Jenna moves to Quebec City and embarks on her new chapter. However, when Jenna meets Liam Garnier in Quebec City, the shocking resemblance between Liam and Josh unnerves her. Could it be possible that they just look alikes-not likely! Jenna takes it upon herself to discover the truth. The reality of the situation comes with a lot of consequences: hurt the people she loves the most or remain quiet and keep the truth from twenty eight years ago buried. Can Jenna live with what she knows and not tell the ones she loves, and can she do so without it tearing her apart?

Paperback, 364

TelmaRocha lives in Southern Ontario with her husband and two sons. When she is not reading or writing, she can be found enjoying the outdoors with her family or sharing meals and laughter with good friends. 

Born in Angola, Telma immigrated to Canada in 1976 avoiding the turbulent civil war that erupted there in 1974. These events are documented in her first novel, The Angolan Girl, a story about her grandmother's life from childhood through the early stages of the war.

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