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Alex Galvao

Wood and Resin Coaster Set

Wood and Resin Coaster Set

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Gorgeous sets of four coasters made from various woods including black walnut, maple, olive wood, and resin. Alex combines the two materials and sands them until they are silky smooth. These coaster sets are each one of a kind and therefore may be different than pictured. They are all different and make a wonderful host/hostess, shower or housewarming gift. 

The Artisan/Maker: Alex Galvao, a local artisan, was born and raised in Brazil, and moved to Canada at 12 years old. Alex grew up surrounded by music and art, and as a child was always taking things apart and building something out of them. As an adult, he has continued this practice with his work and often collects interesting boards and wood, deciding what to do with them later. “I see things and wonder if I could do it, and then do it my way. I never duplicate or make cookie-cutter pieces. I keep wood as natural as I can…I love the natural aspects of wood, which is mainly why I never use stains or make anything with perfect lines. Wood is never perfect.”

Alex started playing with epoxy because “it just looked fun”. It has allowed him be creative with colour, and as an added bonus, it helps keep the wood whole. Through experimenting with woodworking techniques and epoxy, and relying on his imagination (and his in-house colour consultant, son Nolan), Alex is creating beautiful and functional pieces that will be enjoyed for years to come.

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